Dresses by Irina Krutasova
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Irina Krutasova

Inspired fashion designer
I am a fashion designer from The Netherlands. I create luxury garments and accessories. My work is a combination of different styles as historical, classic and modern designs. I turned over activity that began as a dream into a fashion industry. I believe women are muses and my aim is to create dresses that bring into life the deepest desires. With the perfect dress women can reveal their unique beauty. My intent is to blend the past and the future into a distinct version of the present by fusing contemporary technologies and traditional Couture handmade craftsmanship. The unique design and perfect details create a harmonious blend which the brand reflects in the dresses.
Can you tell a bit more about you?
Girl born in far Siberia, grow with dreams about handsome princes and pretty princesses. Moved to Netherlands and started there a new life to bring fairy tale and classic beauty to the modern fashion.
What are your designs?
My designs combine classical aspects of fashion with modern trends and freedom. IN the past women didn't have so much freedom what to wear. Society dictated a lot. Nowaday, everyone chooses what to wear so why would not to have something from the past to shine in the present without any obligations.
How did you become a designer?
I began sewing because I dance historical ballroom dances. In the beginning I copied designs from the images or pictures, and visit a lot museum to investigate all tiny details. Later I realized that details are important, but overall impression is more valuable so I made my first design to show a bit different feeling. And I liked it. One-by-one I came to the totally original designs. Of course, I still take a inspiration in pictures or museum exhibitions, but I don't limit myself anymore. And I add some fancy or extraordinary touches that are not impossible to have on truly historical dresses.
What did inspire you?
Historical aristocracy, movies, pictures, how did they behave, what did they wear, Nature. Flowers, a lot flowers. Fairy tales with princesses and happy endings. There is no sense to stuck with reality when you have an opportunity to expand your feeling.
Where can we find you?
I am active in Instagram, there you can see my designes and work in progress. I post many stories when I travel or visit interesting places for inspiration. Also I have web site with all information related to make an custom order or buy available dress.
I often visit historical dance events or gala evenings. There I can meet very nice people and dance, dance, dance historical choreography to feel my designs better. Historical and modern fashion exhibitions in museum across the Europe. Inspiration and looking at other professional make me feel confident and make me full of energy. Castles. I like castles, with their ancient towers, or wooden wardrobes where some dresses has stored for years waiting for special event. Amazing dresses always was not cheap so we should be grateful for modern technologies that we don't need to wait for many months till embroiders finish the lace to complete the dress.