Dresses by Irina Krutasova
Immerse yourself into the enchanted world of fashion when you wear a one of a kind dress custom-made for you. Be unique!

Irina Krutasova

Inspired fashion designer
I am a fashion designer from The Netherlands who creates bespoke luxury garments and accessories.

I believe all women are muses by nature, so my goal is to make them feel as such. Blending traditional couture craftsmanship with modern technology, I will create the perfect dress to ignite your passion and reveal your unique beauty!

Introduce Yourself.

I am a girl born in a far Siberia who was growing up dreaming about handsome princes and pretty princesses. I moved to the Netherlands 5 years ago to start a new life here. I want to bring a fairy tale and a classic beauty into the world of modern fashion.

I had come a long way before becoming a fashion designer. I had worked in various directions, totally unrelated to fashion. I tried myself in different professions: from a civil engineer to a wedding planner. But no matter what I was doing, art has always been an essential part of my life.

I think all those experiences ultimately shaped me as a fashion designer. Having been an architect, engineer, artist, decorator, and wedding planner helped me create my unique artistic style.

I have been creating clothes for over eight years now and so I have lots of happy clients all over the world.

My dresses have attended balls in many palaces and castles in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, Russia, and other countries.

For many years I have been making exclusively customized garments. Last year, I decided to create fashion collections. My first collection was presented at International Fashion Week Belgium.

Why did you decide to choose fashion designing as a career?

I thought about it a lot in the past... To be honest, I have no answer to this question.

Sometimes I think dresses chose me, I finally felt in my element, you know. To tell the truth, I have never dreamed of being a fashion designer, my dream was to bring beauty into the world, that's all. One more reason, I suppose, is that I want to leave some kind of legacy. Being a creator is extremely satisfying. I have always adored art, and this is an important part of me. I believe my dresses are the pieces of art I give to the world. And I like that.

Describe your style being a Fashion Designer.

My designs combine classical fashion with modern trends. In the past, women didn't have so much freedom as what to wear. Society used to dictate a lot. Nowadays, everyone can decide what to wear, so why not get something from the past to shine in the present?

I like taking things I love from some epoch and turning them into something new, adding a little fairy tale and my dreams here and there.

Smooth lines, unexpected designs, sometimes not falling in with the human body or standard cut - these are the things I love. I am passionate about tiny details and decoration. Each of my projects is done very meticulously. Working on the gown, I imagine how it will look at the event.

I work for the so-called "creative class" - people like me -creative, extraordinary, interested in art. I am glad that there are more and more people like us in the world.

Which things were your inspirations while creating such designs?

I am an artist with over 15 years of experience, so it helps me see beauty and inspiration in different things.

For many years I have been practicing historical ballroom dancing. It taught me a lot about my body, but most importantly - about dresses that

I wore while dancing. Dancing showed me how the fabric moves, changes its shape and how to control it. That experience inspired me greatly and contributed a lot to my ball gown career.

I am looking for inspiration in everything I see around me. Of course, visiting museums, reading books, watching films and gazing at painting is of great help. Travelling also enhances creativity as a change of ambiance and experiencing other cultures always brings new ideas. Architecture adds greatly to my designs. The Baroque style remains the most inspiring for me.

I believe that one should seek inspiration everywhere. You never know what might bring your imagination to life. You might see some random thing or place and here they are - silhouettes, colors and even certain fabrics - emerging before your eyes. All these things you want to use are just there. It happens spontaneously and quickly. Interestingly, sometimes I even dream about dresses, probably it happens to all people who are one hundred percent passionate about their work.

Where to look for inspiration? You just need to open your mind and let your ideas in.

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

The world is changing so quickly these days. I seriously doubt someone could answer this question. A decade ago, I graduated from the University of Civil Engineering in Siberia, Russia, with a degree in architecture. I did not even think that I would ever become a European fashion designer. But my passion found me! The most important thing for me is to be happy every day and do whatever pleases me. I follow my passion. I expand my boundaries through my work. I am currently working on a new collection of beautiful dresses. I am also working on my brand now, which I'm going to release this year, and you will soon hear about it. I think lots of exciting things await me in the following ten years, and I will definitely tell you about them.

Which is your best work till now?

Any piece of my work is the best one. Every project is like a child to me. While working on it, my devotion is absolute. That is why I cannot possibly choose the one and only.

I put my heart and my soul into my work.

You should do what you love. Your life is finite, so let only the best be in it.