Dresses by Irina Krutasova
Here you can review the publications, presentations, exhibitions, and fashion shows Irina participated in.

2021 - Photos of the dresses in MOEVIR Magazine
May issue - ss / 2021. Magazine, Paris, France. P.3, 9, 10, 18, 24-27
2021 - Cover, Interview, Costumes photos in Fashion Flair International Magazine
vol 4 March Issue 2021, P. 1, 4-14
2021 - Costumes photo in VIGOUR Fashion & Beauty Magazine
February Issue 08/ 2021, Magazine. p10-11
2021 - Cover, Costumes photos in MOEVIR Magazine
January issue - ss / 2021. Magazine, Paris, France. P.1-4, 12-27, 94
2020 - Costumes photo in "De Telegraaf"
8 December 2020, newspaper. p.5. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
2020 - Costumes photo in "Flowers"
№12, 2020, Magazine, Moscow, Russsia. P.106-109.
2020 - Runway collection in International Fashion Week Belgium
October 2020, Roeselare, Belgium
Collection name is the Door in the Wall.⠀

Why did I choose such a strange name, you ask me. It refers to classic and shows how different we are and how many different forms and shapes our perfect world and pleasure could be.⠀

In my collection you can see totally different designs. From mainly historically inspired that can be easily used for historical reenactment event to straight wedding dress for young lady who makes her big step into new life. Big fashionable dress stays aside a small black dress that should be owned by any woman.⠀
Dark couture creation aside a bright Venice carnaval dress. Any of them bring pleasure and joy to someone. Make them to feel better, or happier or distracted from reality for a while.⠀

Everyone needs and everyone has their own door in the wall that run to their own personal beautiful world.⠀

I am very glad that the idea of this Fashion Week was to integrate "Inclusive" models and designers to their runways. "Inclusive" which stands for outside the box of the present rules of collective definitions in fashion.⠀
I think this will be a big step in the fashion industry and will show everyone how beautiful each of us is, so that he is not like the others.⠀I am incredibly pleased to be a part of this!⠀

My dear ones, Do not put boundaries for yourself, do not be like someone else, be special and unique!
International Fashion Week Belgium
2019 - Costumes photo in "Let's dance"
September 2019, p. 135. Magazine for fhe Exhibition in Kunstmuseum The Hague,The Netherlands
2016 - Interview in WEDDINGS
№2, 2016 Magazine, Novosibirsk, Russia. P.38-40.