Dresses by Irina Krutasova
Here you can review the publications, presentations, exhibitions, and fashion shows Irina participated in.

2023 - Runway collection at The Fashion Week Nl
October 6, 2023, The Hague, The Netherlands
Collection 'The Awakener' by Irina Krutasova

In 'The Awakener' collection, the designer Irina Krutasova wants to convey the idea that at some point in life, we need to wake up. Otherwise, we risk missing out, drowning in our doubts and regrets about
unfulfilled dreams. The vibrant colors of the dresses show us the emotions we can experience if we
awaken. Darker colors represent the transitional period when we're searching for our path.
In the collection's designs, you'll notice many eyes that symbolize introspection. Each of us holds secrets in our souls, waiting to be uncovered when we open our eyes to the essence within.

To create this collection, the designer used various techniques and materials, introducing a new style in her work: hand-painted designs on leather. Each design is unique and personally crafted by Irina Krutasova herself.
The shimmering wings of the Jewel Beetle resemble the journey of the Sun across the sky, radiating light and warmth, creating the conditions for the rebirth of life in all things. These wings are artfully
incorporated into the embroidery of several dresses, adding a touch of nature's splendor to the collection.

The Fashion Week nl

photography: kalash.pictures Photography (Olga Kalashnikova)
2023 - Dutch Equine Art Fair
12-15 August 2023 Living Horse Museum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Mirabel dress by Irina Krutasova Atelier at Dutch Equine Art Fair in the Living Horse Museum in Amsterdam 12-15 August. 'Beauty in Unity' photo exhibition by Ifat Zohar.

Project in collaboration with a talented photo artist from Israel Ifat Zohar.

Project in collaboration with a talented photo artist Ifat Zohar.

2023 - 'Beauty in Unity' Book
August 2023, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
A delightful book of stories about horses and their owners 'Beauty in Unity' , created by a very talented photo artist from Israel Ifat Zohar.
And I very happy be a part of it and work together with such a unique photographer as Ifat Zohar.
She has continued her Old Masters style in her project 'Beauty in Unity'.
2023 - Runway collection "In the realm of dreams" at The World fashion festival awards Dubai
February 26, 2023, Dubai, UAE
Collection 'In the realm of dreams'

With this collection of evening dresses, designer Irina Krutasova tells us the story of dreams.
We all see different dreams and we all dream about something in our dreams.
Different people have different dreams. Someone travels among the pink clouds of their happy dreams, someone is surrounded by the flame of passion, someone is immersed in a deep blue sea of calm.
The collection includes dresses in different colors, made of lace, tulle, silk and faux leather.
The designer uses a lot of handwork in her dresses.
Each dress has its own meaning and its own little story.

Headpieces, in addition to some looks, symbolize complete immersion in sleep. They show that some of us prefer to have wonderful dreams and not wake up for as long as possible. Because, in a dream, they finally became who they dreamed of and found peace of mind

2022 - Photo in Vogue Italia Magazine
November 28, 2022
2022 - Photos of the dresses in Sguardo.art Magazine
October 2022
2022 - Photo in Vogue Italia Magazine
October 3, 2022
2022 - Runway collection at The Fashion Week Nl
October 1, 2022, The Hague, The Netherlands
Collection 'Dawn will rise'

Collection 'Dawn will rise' , tells about how we tie our own hands and prevent us from reaching our dreams. We are looking for excuses why we cannot take this difficult step, even if we have many opportunities.
But if we have that very real dream, we will definitely reach it.

The collection 'Dawn will rise' includes 8 dresses. Each dress is a certain feeling or emotion that arises on our way from doubt to a dream.

Dark side

The Fashion Week nl

photography: latte-lantern Photography
2022 - Photos of the dresses in Sguardo.art Magazine
July 2022
2022 - Creation of costumes for children performance BE A TREE
Since May, 2022, in cities of The Netherlands
The play is called 'Be A Tree' based on the book by Maria Gianfernani, and is in the Russian language and draws the metaphor between trees and people - and the harmony a forest has at its core.
2022 - Exhibition of dresses at Gala Danza Luna in Opera Gent
21 May, 2022, Gent, Belgium
You can see all the details of the dresses created by the designer Irina Krutasova

Dresses are available for sale on my website. Contact me for details.

Gala danza luna
photography: latte-lantern

2022 - Runway collection show at Belgian Fashion Week
21 May, 2022, Gent, Belgium
Collection named Mysteria

This collection reflects the mystical part of my consciousness. All dresses will integrate the idea of transforming the shape and style of dresses from different historical ages into something mystical in 21 century. Something you can wear to a special occasions.
Each of the dress is similar to the different feelings and perceptions - it's peace of mind, energy, passion, composure and majesty.
This collection I want to show how fashion from the past might look like in the 21st century. For this collection, I took inspiration from the period from 17 century to 1980s.

Dresses are available for sale on my website, and can be made in your size. Contact me for details.

Belgian fashion week

photography: latte-lantern
2022 - The series "Het verhaal van Nederland"
March, 2022, The Netherlands
Few roles in Episode 8 will air tomorrow on TV.

The series "Het verhaal van Nederland" ("The Story of the Netherlands") can be seen every Wednesday evening at 20h30 on NPO 1 (the Dutch "national" broadcast corporation) during Feb/March/Apr. The series has 10 episodes, from the Bronze Age to today. Tomorrow night, 30 March, will be about the period circa 1770-1800 (the 8th episode).

All episodes shown on TV, you can watch on the official website of the npostart channel.
TV series in Dutch.
2022 - Photos of the dresses in Sguardo.art Magazine
February 2022
2022 - Digital runway collection + 3D model show in Altaroma, Fashion Week
February 4, 2022, Rome, Italy
Collection spring summer

During the Show the guest was able to focus on a preview of the upcoming metaverse show by IFN Newtork for the next season featuring the creations of dresses of the upcoming designer Irina Krutasova

Amsterdam Fashion TV
IFN foundation
Altaroma, 2-4 Febryaty 2022

photography: latte-lantern
2021 - Photos of the dresses in UNTOLD Magazine
October issue 387/ 8th edition 2021. Magazine, Greece, p 1, 2,12,13,14,15,16
2021 - Runway collection in The Hague Fashion Week
October 16, 2021, The Hague, The Netherlands
Collection name is the Memory

I presented at The Hague Fashion Week my collection. What is my 'Memory' collection about?⠀
The collection brings together all the pleasant memories from my childhood.⠀⠀
Everyone has such memories, and I turned them into dresses, shaped them so that you can understand how they look to me and what they mean.⠀
Last summer I visited the city where I was born. I had not been there for 5 years. This visit I put into the base of my collection.⠀

The past is foggy. I chose soft and muted colors for my collection to show that. The gray color in the collection means that we forget bright moments and only a sweet aftertaste remains. All good moments remain in our hearts.⠀

I dedicate the collection to my parents.⠀ Thank you for my happy childhood, you supported me even when I lost my way.⠀

The Hague Fashion Week

photography: Studio Pasarella Photography
2021 - Moevier Magazine
May Issue ss/2021, Paris, France P. 3,9,10,18,24-27
2021 - Cover, Interview, Costumes photos in Fashion Flair International Magazine
vol 4 March Issue 2021, P. 1, 4-14
2021 - Vigour Fashion and beauty Magazine
February Issue 08/2021, P. 10-11
2021 - Cover, Moevier Magazine
January Issue ss/2021, Paris, France P. 1-4,12-27,94
2020 - Promo video for Kasteel Hernen
August, 2020, castle Hernen, The Netherlands
The roles of historical characters who lived in the castle in the 18th century. The owner of the castle Hernen and his wife. Costumes made by the designer Irina Krutasova. Irina played the role of the wife.

2020 - Costumes photo in "De Telegraaf"
8 December 2020, newspaper. p.5. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
2020 - Costumes photo in "Flowers"
№12, 2020, Magazine, Moscow, Russsia. P.106-109.
2020 - Runway collection in International Fashion Week Belgium
October 2020, Roeselare, Belgium
Collection name is the Door in the Wall.⠀

Why did I choose such a strange name, you ask me. It refers to classic and shows how different we are and how many different forms and shapes our perfect world and pleasure could be.⠀

In my collection you can see totally different designs. From mainly historically inspired that can be easily used for historical reenactment event to straight wedding dress for young lady who makes her big step into new life. Big fashionable dress stays aside a small black dress that should be owned by any woman.⠀
Dark couture creation aside a bright Venice carnaval dress. Any of them bring pleasure and joy to someone. Make them to feel better, or happier or distracted from reality for a while.⠀

Everyone needs and everyone has their own door in the wall that run to their own personal beautiful world.⠀

I am very glad that the idea of this Fashion Week was to integrate "Inclusive" models and designers to their runways. "Inclusive" which stands for outside the box of the present rules of collective definitions in fashion.⠀
I think this will be a big step in the fashion industry and will show everyone how beautiful each of us is, so that he is not like the others.⠀I am incredibly pleased to be a part of this!⠀

My dear ones, Do not put boundaries for yourself, do not be like someone else, be special and unique!
International Fashion Week Belgium
2019 - The series "Napoleon in Holland"
2019,Slot Zeist, The Netherlands
roles in Episode on the ball

The series "Napoleon in Holland" can be seen on NPOstart (the Dutch "national" broadcast corporation)
All episodes shown on TV, you can watch on the official website of the npostart channel.
TV series in Dutch.
2019 - Costumes photo in "Let's dance"
September 2019, p. 135. Magazine for fhe Exhibition in Kunstmuseum The Hague,The Netherlands
2016 - Interview in WEDDINGS
№2, 2016 Magazine, Novosibirsk, Russia. P.38-40.