Dresses by Irina Krutasova

Amorel dress

The dress has been presented at The Hague Fashion Week 2021 as a part of the runway collection named "Memory".

Amorel dress. Every spring, in the garden of my grandparents, cherries bloomed magnificently, turning into fragrant light clouds caught in the trunks of trees. The air is being filled with the wondrous scent of flowers.⠀
I remember these airy pink clouds and how I was hiding among the trees in our cherry orchard.⠀
I created this dress inspired by these wonderful memories.⠀

The dress is made of silk and light clouds of tulle.⠀
The heart of the dress is handmade lace by Irina Malykh. Hundreds of small petals, thousands of tiny knots. It looks like a flower cloud.⠀
When you get close you can see each petal and enjoy it.⠀

This dress, presented on the catwalk, is available for sale in a single copy, it is impossible to repeat handmade lace.⠀
There is only one dress in the world.⠀
Size s / m, chest 82-85cm.⠀

Silk, cotton, tulle, polyester, lace, beads.

The dress is work of art  non-refundable.
Delivery to other countries is available contact me for details.

1st and 2nd photos, photography: Studio Pasarella Photography
The Hague Fashion Week

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